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DEC 25 2018 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!
We're back at it after the holidays.

DEC 21 2018 - Wrapped up another week working with GIOSI LAMMIRATO on her 4 song EP!!
Featuring GIOSI on Vocals, Ukelele and Accordian. SCOTT WOOLARD on Guitars and Bass.
And MARQ DeSOUZA on Drums.

DEC 20 2018 - Transfered an old cassette to digital today for NICK READ (BEER SUPPLY, busHUCKER).
From 1980 we bring you "Nick Knabisco and the Shredded Wheats Live".

DEC 11 2018 - Today ADAM DRAKE ended his 1 year musical sabbatical.
He brought The SCREW-TOP BOYS back to BHS and we added to the legacy they have developed.

DEC 10 2018 - KENZA was in tonight to work on her track, "Cocainia",
that is slated for release in January 2019!.

DEC 1 2018 - Started recording the verses for MOHAMED VIRJEE's next CD today.

NOV 7 2018 - PAT AXE was back tonight to cotinue work on his upcoming release.

SEP 26 2018 - Today we put the finishing touches on GAIL LUDWIG's meditation mixes.

SEP 8 2018 - A fun day in the studio with PAT AXE while we tracked his bluesy tunes,
live off the floor, with me on Bass and TIM POTTER on drums.

AUG 23 2018 - We continued work on Dr. ASIFA MAHERALI's song tonight.

AUG 4-6 2018 - GIOSI LAMMIRATO was in town for the long weekend,
and to do some more work on her EP.

JUL 3-6 2018 - During the evenings this week, we worked with SHAMSHUN JAMAL
on his song, "Lisbon", for the Aga Khan's silver jubilee!

JUN 17 2018 - Spent another Sunday afternoon working with JON HUMBLE.
Always enjoy that finger-picking guitar work!

MAY 20 2018 - Tonight we started recording Vocals and Harmonium for Dr. ASIFA MAHERALI's song.

APR 27/28 2018 - We continued recording for GIOSI LAMMIRATO.

APR 22 2018 - Happy Earth Day everybody!
So naturally, we recorded MARQ DeSOUZA on drums for GIOSI LAMMIRATO's 4 song EP.

APR 8 2018 - JON HUMBLE started work at BHS on his fine acoustic guitar and vocal songs.
A Lovely Easter Sunday and he has his own kettle!

MAR 4-6 2018 - We started work on finishing a live record for JOHNNY TORNADO,
recorded in Slocan City.

JAN 26 2018 - Worked with MIKE TROPP again today.

JAN 18 2018 - Today we recorded NICK READ on guitar for GIOSI LAMMIRATO's song "Black Highway"!

JAN 17 2018 - Recorded a vocal demo for THOR's next record.
It's always fun working with the Rock Warrior!

JAN 12-15 2018 - We started recording for GIOSI LAMMIRATO and her 4 song EP!

JAN 9 2018 - Recorded a few demos for ARSEN SHOMAKHOV tonight.

JAN 7 2018 - The live bed tracks were recorded today for INDICATION's song, "Antichondriac".
And there was a music video happening at the same time!

OCT 25 2017 - Started recording JAIMIE LEWIS today. Great voice!
We're doing three songs for her label pitch.

SEP 29 2017 - Started a new song "Freedom" by GEORGIA COUVER, for an indie film,
with her friends Beth and Steven.

SEP 29 2017 - This is now the longest update of all, in the 18 years of this BHS website.
There is some news occasionly being posted to the BHS Twitter and Facebook pages!
Call me on my landline.

SEP 29 2017 - PS. Both ANDREWs finished their projects!!

SEP 29 2017 - PSS, I guess. I have finally posted some KARMA WASH tunes
to iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, etc.
You can even Shazam them,apparently!

APR 23 2017 - Recorded drums for ANDREW MARK MUSIC's "Catch 22" today.
The always rockin' ADAM DRAKE put down a solid track!

APR 21 2017 - Started a project for ANDREW MARK MUSIC tonight.
It's a side of a record or a suite.
The side is called "4 Songs About God in Eb minor"!

APR 21 2017 - We might have finished the mixing for ANDREW KIM's project today.
Our house has been blessed by these sounds!

APR 17 2017 - Recorded ANDREW KIM again, this time with his 7-string guitar!
But it ain't yer father's 7-string.
This 7th string is attatched to the neck at the 15th fret!!

APR 15 2017 - Recorded vocals for NATALYA NULMAN today.
It's Ukrainian party music people!

APR 14 2017 - Started a recording for ANDREW KIM today.
African Thumb Piano or Kalimba through all his FX and an amp!

APR 10/12 2017 - Recording vocals for the new THOR record.
I think it's gonna be another shaker!!

APR 8 2017 - Recorded ROBERT SHAW's acoustic tunes tonight.
Some soul there man!

MAR 25 2017 - Today, we went to master JONNY HYDROXIDE's tunes,
at Suite Sound Labs! The master, Greg Mindorff, made these tunes sound sweet!
Then we had a couple pints at the DIVE...

MAR 12 2017 - Final mixing session for JONNY HYDROXIDE's two songs.
Next we take them for mastering to the lab!

MAR 8 2017 - Working on a record with tracks recorded in Bollywood!
ALY SUNDERJIT and RUHEEN graced our studio again!

FEB 13 2017 - Happy Family Day to y'all!
Worked with CHRIS DRAPER on an animation demo/pitch voice-over.
Let's hope they like it! Pillow!!

FEB 4 2017 - Well the IT department hasn't returned from
their roadtrip to Hawaii, and who can blame them,
so we have to update this website, the best we can.

DEC 31 2016 - Happy New Year to y'all!
Much gratitude from us at Barrell House Sound for a great year!
2017 is gonna rock!

DEC 31 2015 - Happy New Year to y'all!
Thanks from us at Barrell House Sound for another great year!

DEC 30 2014 - Happy New Year to y'all!
Thanks from us at Barrell House Sound for a great year!
All the best in 2015!

DEC 25 2014 - BHS is closed for the holidays. Will be back at it in 2015!
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever you celebrate.

DEC 23/24 2014 - Played the bass track and mixed and mastered "My Way"
for JORDAN THIPTHORPE before he moves to Australia on Saturday!
Bon Voyage mon frere.

DEC 19 2014 - GAIL LUDWIG was in today to work on more of her meditation recordings.
Peace on Earth and within.

DEC 17 2014 - Today local rock band RUNE recorded two alt-rock songs live off the floor.
We overdubbed vocals and mixed'em up quick. Those smokin' tunes are on their Bandcamp site.

DEC 16 2014 - KARMA WASH finished mixing and mastering on four songs tonight.
They can be heard on the Bandcamp site


    DEC 15 2014 - MASE was back to finish his two song demo. Sounds great for a quick demo.
    Now he wants some people to help him create more music.

    DEC 14 2014 - Working with the amazing ROSS BARRETT tonight on his jazz re-issue CD.
    Some transfers from CD, cassette, and some live tracks.

    DEC 12 2014 - KLEZ brought in vocalist EMMA MAGIRESCU of the FAREWELL FOLKS today
    to sing harmonies on his songs. She has a beautiful voice, and we are blessed.

    DEC 11 2014 - Recorded more tracks for the MASE demo tonight.

    DEC 10 2014 - DOUG LOUIE was in to mix those new tracks. Sounding very fine.
    But Jim didn't pick up his CD. I'll send it when you contact me.

    DEC 6 2014 - The DOUG LOUIE ORGAN TRIO was back for one more session before guitarist, James Burns,
    moves to Montreal and we have to survive without him.

    NOV 27 2014 - ADAM DRAKE was in to do more work on the SCREW TOP BOYS material tonight.

    NOV 25 2014 - Tonight the DOUG LOUIE ORGAN TRIO graced the tracking room and we started a new band!
    We recorded 6 bed tracks and 3 more with vocalist, VERA BEDARD. All live off the floor.

    NOV 20 2014 - KLEZ was singing more Mandarin vocals for his song "My Father is Li Gang".
    And his coach, Nicole, made one last appearance before she left to explore North America.

    NOV 18 2014 - The one, the only, ADAM DRAKE was back at BHS today to get back to work,
    for the first time in ages and he brought the wonderful Shauna, along to see the Barrell.

    NOV 17/18 2014 - EARL TAYLOR was back to record beds for two more songs for his upcoming album.
    With SAM SHOICHET on electric and acoustic bass and CHIP HART on drums.

    NOV 13 2014 - Started work today with JOHN MASON (MASE) from Norfolk, England.
    This dude is talented, playing all the instruments himself for some gritty, funky, blues tunes.

    NOV 3 2014 - KLEZ had his female Russian vocalist in the studio again today to complete the BGs.
    All the Russian vocal tracks are finally done!

    NOV 1 2014 - JORDAN THIPTHORPE was back today to finish the tracking on "My Way".
    Now it's up to me to play bass and mix it. It's gonna be fun!

    OCT 28 2014 - Today we tracked more BEER SUPPLY guitars.
    The ska tune "No Reason" is officially skanking!

    OCT 27 2014 - We started tracking guitars on those BEER SUPPLY drum tracks today.
    Big love for the Empress Tremolo track on "Deadman Swing" that we got.

    OCT 21 2014 - Back to mixing the KARMA WASH tracks today.
    And then recorded the wind! That's right, wind samples.

    OCT 18 2014 - Recorded bed tracks and vocals for garage/surf band, the CUT LOSSES today.
    And PATRICK McWILLIAMS has established a new BHS record for recording
    six drum tracks (with no guide tracks!) in one hour. Amazing!

    OCT 11 2014 - SISTER DJ'S RADIO BAND was in the studio again today.
    A spiritual "Amazing Grace" for Reverend Hoffman. Blessings.

    OCT 10 2014 - Working with JORDAN THIPTHORPE again tonight.
    This version of "My Way" will be the one! #GreatMusic

    OCT 8/9 2014 - Recorded more overdubs for the KOUMA BAND project.
    Kora by BOUJOU CISSOKO, acoustic guitar by SURYA DEVI and vocals by both.
    Talk about beautiful music, I'm feeling blessed again and again.
    BHS. The gift that keeps on giving!

    OCT 1 2014 - Started a new EP today for the KOUMA BAND, recording kora,
    acoustic guitar, electric bass and kit drums, live-off-the-floor.
    Then the one and only ANDREW KIM overdubbed some tennis racket violin and kalimba!
    It was a Senagalese/Canadian dance party in the control room today!!

    SEP 27 2014 - #3 in the BHS Concert Series went at the Cottage Bistro tonight,
    with our biggest lineup to date. It all started off with the BEER SUPPLY DUO,
    followed by HI-RISE DEX, the PAT AXE TRIO, JOE POST, and the BEER SUPPLY TRIO
    (no ADAM remember, he's on the mend). The second half featured KLEZ KALYPTAKIAH
    A very fun night of song, and a big thank you to all that participated.
    Also would like to thank EUGENE and the staff at the Cottage Bistro for having us once again.

    SEP 26 2014 - We recorded the amazing MARK GRUFT on drums for
    the last two BEER SUPPLY songs. And a great job he did!
    ADAM DRAKE is on the DL with a broken ankle.

    SEP 24 2014 - KLEZ did find a suitable female, Russian vocalist in Vancouver.
    We recorded her today for the Russian version of one of his songs.

    SEP 20 2014 - We tracked a live-off-the-floor punk tune today
    for KERRY HIRSCH and MARTIN PHILLIPS called "Ready For Labour".
    It's the theme song for their pitch in CBC'c Best New Canadian Sitcom!
    Good Luck lads!!

    SEP 15 2014 - Well, today KLEZ sang in Mandarin for one of his songs!
    Believe it or not, he couldn't find a suitable male, Mandarin vocalist in Vancouver.
    So he learned to do it himself. And his coach, Nicole, gave him 94% on his pronunciation!

    SEP 9 2014 - Today we recorded balalaika for one of KLEZ's songs.
    I will be making a list of all the exotic folk instruments
    that we have been recording at BHS this year (and through the years)!

    AUG 29 2014 - He's Baaack! KLEZ has returned to BHS from Boston.
    We're going to finish these songs where they were started.

    AUG 20 2014 - Tracking more drums today for the MADELYN READ record.
    Overdubs will be next. It's all coming together.

    AUG 13 2014 - Recorded overdubs for the ANGELA QUAO jazz record with DOUG LOUIE today.
    Now we need to get her back to belt out these tunes!

    JUL 29 2014 - Starting tracking drums on MADELYN READ's great songs today.

    JUL 23 2014 - Recorded the DOUG LOUIE QUARTET tonight. Awesome players.
    Piano, Guitar, Sax, drums live-off-the-floor. Great session!

    JUL 20 2014 - KLEZ has started tracking in a Boston area studio, Indecent Music.
    Tonight I'm going through the organ tracks they did.
    Another cross-continental project!

    JUL 5 2014 - Started back working on the meditation tracks for GAIL LUDWIG today.
    They really are beautiful. And sound great too!

    JUN 24 2014 - Well Cleopatra Records liked the first THOR re-issues and have asked for more.
    We started work on a 13 album set of re-issues and rarities today. Awesome!!

    JUN 11 2014 - Today we started work on a re-issue of THOR's "Unchained",
    for Cleopatra Records in LA.

    JUN 7 2014 - #2 in the BHS Concert Series was tonight at the Cottage Bistro.
    BEER SUPPLY, busHUCKER, MADELYN and SAVANNAH READ preformed excellent sets.
    Thanks to all that came out and cheered everyone on.

    MAY 31 2014 - Last session for KLEZ today before his return to Boston.
    A 13-hour marathon, but he's got some mixes to accompany him on his trip home.

    MAY 13 2014 - Recorded Vocal tracks for Montreal rapper LUCKY LEX tonight.
    That boy has got great flow. These tracks will sent back east for production.

    MAY 9 2014 - Well this week has been dubbed International Studies Week at BHS.
    We recorded vocals in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian and Farsi!!
    I might be learning something here.

    APR 19 2014 - The very first event in the BHS Concert Series was held tonight at the Cottage Bistro.
    Thanks to all the performers and all the fans that came from all over for this inaugural show.

    APR 17 2014 - Started work on the debut CD for MADELYN READ today.
    She is an amazing young artist you will hear more of! Honoured to be co-producing.

    APR 11 2014 - Back to work tonight on the ADAM DRAKE project, the SCREW TOP BOYS.
    With the wonderful ROSS BARRETT on sax.

    APR 9 2014 - Started recording a new project for DOUG LOUIE today.
    Doug, on his trusty piano, is now working with JAMES BURNS on guitar. Awesome jazz duo!

    APR 7 2014 - Recorded two ROBERT KIRKHAM tunes today for his sweetheart and their upcoming wedding.

    APR 3 2014 - We tracked TONYE AGANABA today on lead vocals for one of KLEZ's songs.
    She is incredible!!

    MAR 21 2014 - We've been back at work with KLEZ KALYPTAKIAH on his songs a lot lately.
    Great to have a client that will drive from Boston, twice, just to keep working at BHS!!

    MAR 14 2014 - CARRIE MAC has released the first of THE STORY FOREST stories
    with new music by yours truly, Scotty . Quite a honour!

  • thestoryforest.com

    MAR 13 2014 - We polished off the KEMPTON DEXTER song, "Springtime in Vancouver" today.
    MICHEL DROUIN sits in on Fender bass! Nice tune, sounds great, boys.

    JAN 28 2014 - BHS now has a Paypal account and will be able to accept
    payments, deposits on studio bookings, and eventually, sales of merch and music!.

    JAN 21 2014 - Recorded BETTY MUNSIE's folk stylings today.
    Will mix and master this week and then she'll share it with her audience.

    JAN 11 2014 - Finished mixing the CONCORD CREEK BAND album today.
    "GRAVEL RUNWAY" will be mastered and released shortly!.

    DEC 24 2013 - Merry Christmas y'all!!!
    BHS is now closed for the holidays until the 28th.

    DEC 10 2013 - Day 2 of the getting HAMBONE WILSON's files ready for
    mixing. All the tracking is done except vocals. Those will be
    done in Los Angeles in a couple weeks. Then mixed down there too!

    DEC 9 2013 - We went to Fiasco Bros and recorded the amazing DAVE STONE
    on B3 organ for the HAMBONE WILSON cd! Thanks again to Len, Matt and Dave!

    DEC 7 2013 - Recorded powerful duo the CONCORD CREEK BAND today!

    NOV 27 2013 - CARRIE MAC launches her website - thestoryforest.com
    which contains her children's stories for several age groups.
    Here's the link -

  • thestoryforest.com

    NOV 27 2013 - After a busy summer/fall season updates are back!
    HAMBONE WILSON is back at BHS working on his next record.
    We just finished tracking horns for EARL TAYLOR's album.

    NOV 13 2013 - We finished the THOR re-issue package of "Only the Strong" today.
    Cleopatra Records in LA is releasing the Album with bonus Live and Demo material.
    Also included is a DVD of live performances.

    SEP 2 2013 - Just mastered the debut CD for The ZING ZANGS.
    The boys did a great job of recording at home
    and BHS put the shine on the proceedings. Sounds great!

    JULY 11 2013 - Also had EARL TRAVIS TAYLOR in the studio tonight to record
    the brilliant WILL MacCALDER on piano and organ for ET's soulful blues tunes.

    JULY 11 2013 - After a short holiday, BEER SUPPLY was back in the studio today.
    The antics of Scott and Nick can be followed on the twitter account - @BeerSupplyMusic.
    The EP is getting closer to completion - just organizing the upcoming horn sessions!

    JUNE 30 2013 - Finished mixing and mastering the 4 song EP for JORDAN THIPTHORPE's project,
    SOUND CITY LIGHTS, today and sent the files off to JORDAN on holidays in the sunny Mediterranean.
    The boys will post them shortly, check their ReverbNation site!

    MAY 17 2013 - Started work this week on a song
    for the Dragon Boat Races in False Creek by KEVIN COZMICK.
    Also started work on a set of meditation CDs for GAIL LUDWIG.

    APR 28 2013 - KARMA WASH released 4 fun songs today!
    They are also pleased to announce R. ADAM DRAKE as a member of the crew.
    You can listen to or buy the tracks on Reverb Nation, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp.

    APR 24 2013 - Started the new demo for KLEZ today.
    It is going to be another colourful musical meditation on world politics.
    And the first tune is nearing completion of the tracking.

    APR 22 2013 - Happy Earth Day y'all!!
    Recorded acoustic jazz group LOLO BIANCO today
    with some of the local greats you need to hear.

    APR 18 2013 - The SAY SOMETHING record by CHRIS FRANCIS is finished!
    Recorded, mixed and mastered by Scotty right here at BHS.
    Sounds great and will be available on CD Baby and iTunes very soon.

    APR 16 2013 - Just got the first BEER SUPPLY single back from mastering!
    Mastered by Jamie Sitar at Outta Town Sound, "CRUISIN" sounds massive!
    After the BEER SUPPLY iTunes page is ready, it'll soon be for sale there and elsewhere.

    FEB 24 2013 - Started working on the record for THE WALLS today.
    Some fine rock from some fine up and comers. Watch for them!

    DEC 25 2012 - Merry Christmas everyone ...
    ...and thanks for choosing Barrell House Sound!

    NOV 18 2012 - New projects in the works include a blues record with EARL TRAVIS TAYLOR
    and just started a Christmas Jazz album for STEVEN KOENIG.

    OCT 25 2012 - New songs up on Music Page ...
    ...and also links to new videos by BOB RYLETT and STEVE MAKAJ

    OCT 20 2012 - STEVE MAKAJ has released the video for "the Mountain" on Vimeo.
    Here's the link ... check it out!

  • The Mountain-Steve Makaj

    OCT 18 2012 - Just finished recording a music score for an independant short film with BOB RYLETT as composer.
    "The Other Side of Charlie" by Greg Melanson is a thriller and will be in several film festivals
    in the comimg months. Try and catch it if it's in your town.

    AUG 25 2012 - KARMA WASH has released the new single "You Lost Me" this week to a warm response.
    You can hear it on our Music page or at one of many sites online.
    It's up at Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Reverb Nation, etc. The video is on Youtube and Vimeo.
    Here's a link to the new BHS channel on Vimeo...

  • Barrell House Sound Vimeo Channel

    AUG 22 2012 - BOB RYLETT has been having great success with the new record "Moon".
    There are several videos on Vimeo and several more in the works. They are amazing!

    JUN 24 2012 - Great News!! The hosting issues have been solved.
    Numerous updates to follow and new music for the music page coming soon.

    Mar 14 2012 - Starting new projects with THE SATURDAY NIGHT SHOW, MICHAEL TROPP and
    tracking for JORDAN THIPTHORPE's record begins tomorrow.

    Mar 12 2012 - Now we are REALLY finished tracking BOB RYLETT's record at BHS.
    He added one more song, "A Time to Heal" which came out wonderfully.

    Mar 1 2012 - BOB RYLETT's video for "These Days" has passed 25,000 views on Youtube.
    Here's the link :

  • Bob Rylett's video for "These Days They Move Apocalyptically".

    Feb 24 2012 - Started the pre-pro on JORDAN THIPTHORPE's project today and the outlook is good.
    It's called "FREINDS FOR A DAY" and we'll have more BHS alumni to contribute to the tunes.

    Feb 9 2012 - STEVE MAKAJ's song "the Mountain" has had a mix adjustment, and
    has just been mastered by Steven Drake. Hear it on the Music page.

    Feb 6 2012 - Now we are finished tracking BOB RYLETT's record at BHS.
    All the tracks sound great and a big thank you to everyone who worked so hard on it.

    Jan 18 2012 - Almost finished tracking BOB RYLETT's record.
    Steven's batting cleanup and it's a homerun!

    Jan 11 2012 - Recorded Ashley's vocals for the SCIENCE DAD project today.
    And then we mixed that thang up and down!

    Dec 29 2011 - Tracking BOB RYLETT's record with Steven Drake on guitar.
    And more Beds with Bob and Adam and Kevin. Lovin' this record.

    Dec 3 2011 - Just recorded SCIENCE DAD today and I love it!
    Old school punk rock with an awesome singer. Rock'n'roll fun!

    Dec 2 2011 - BOB RYLETT's record is going great guns with drums and bass
    this week courtesy of Adam Drake and Kevin Lucks, respectively. Sounds incredible!

    Nov 11 2011 - The first video up is "La Di Da" by KARMA WASH.
    Here's the link - Karma Wash - La Di Da

    Nov 11 2011 - The BARRELL HOUSE SOUND Youtube Channel is up!
    You'll find it here - Barrell House Youtube Channel

    Nov 7 2011 - BOB RYLETT begins demos for his new CD, his 8th.
    And the second CD recorded at BHS this year!

    Oct 2011 - STEVE MAKAJ's epic "the Mountain" is finished!
    Recorded and mixed here at BHS this summer, with a big cast of alumni.
    Mastered by Alex DeGrace at Suite Sound Labs.
    Hear it on the Music Page.

    Oct 2011 - We have finished the latest track by KAZ PIECH, "Long Way Home".
    Another BHS production with more help from the friends of the Barrell.

    Oct 2011 - BEER SUPPLY is currently working on their debut of maximum rock'n'roll tunes.

    SEPT 2011 - While shopping on Mainstreet I heard "Loretta" by AK-747s on the radio in the store.
    That was an awesome moment!

    June 2011 - We went to Fiasco Bros in New West to record B3 by Dave Stone for
    STEVE MAKAJ's song "the Mountain". Wow what an experience! Dave is amazing and
    the parts he came up with are just perfect.
    Thanks to Dave and Len, the owner/engineer out there.

    June 2011 - Finished mixing the NEW NORMAL EP and very happy with the results.
    And the band goes on tour soon after so look for them in your town.

    May 2011 - Recording the AK-747s and man, it's been a gas!
    Their record is going to be great and they are releasing 3 of the songs on a split 7".

    May 2011 - HAMBONE WILSON just got his record (Sumthin' Cookin') back from mastering
    at Suite Sound Labs by Alex DeGrace and we're all thrilled with the results.
    He'll be on KISM 92.9 playing some of the tracks this Sunday night 7pm (May 8/11).

    Apr 2011 - RICH SAWYER's song "Sing" is mixed by Scotty and then mastered by Alex DeGrace.
    The finished product sounds wonderful!! You can hear it on our Music Page.

    Apr 2011 - BEER SUPPLY has posted their first single "Bitter Man" at ReverbNation.
    Mixed here by Me and Scotty and mastered by Steven Drake - Maximum Rock'n'Roll!!

    Apr 2011 - The NEW NORMAL is finished recording their EP.
    We're mixing it now and it's rockin'!!

    Apr 2011 - BOB RYLETT has released his CD "the Punchline" to a great response.
    He sold 500 copies in the first day!!
    It's available at iTunes NOW!

    Mar 2011 - Bands and artists coming in this month include
    JP WINSLOW returning with Marq DeSouza on drums.
    And new comers, The NICHE, The NEW NORMAL, and KAZ PIECH
    all starting their next projects.

    Mar 2011 - The PAT AXE BAND begins recording their debut.
    Working title? "Hi, I'm Pat".

    Feb-Mar 2011 - BOB RYLETT records his bed tracks and some overdubs here
    for his CD "the Punchline", co-produced with Bob Pompei.

    Jan 2011 - ARSEN SHOMAHKOV got three stars in Downbeat magazine (Mar 2011)
    for his CD "On The Move", recorded here at Barrell House!
    He has also been featured on (Vancouver,BC)Co-Op Radio 102.7's program BLUES IN THE DARK
    -playing the whole album that we recorded here over the winter of 09-10.
    Congrats Arsen!

    JAN 29, 2011 - KARMA WASH releases first song "La Di Da" !!
    Video in post and will follow soon!

    HAMBONE WILSON was featured on KISM 92.9 on OCT 26, 2010 - playing some of the songs
    recorded here at BHS. We are now mixing this record - March/April 2011.

    CHRIS FRANCIS is finishing his record for his SAY SOMETHING project....

    ADAM DRAKE has finished his first song for his first record...

    DUSTBOWL DESCENDANTS are working on their debut record...

    BEER SUPPLY is now recording their long awaited debut.
    All those cassettes don't count!

    Reasonable Rates!

    (please note - this is NOT my studio)
    Call East Van's Room with a Groove - Barrell House Sound
    the intimate recording studio in Vancouver, BC
    e-mail: info@barrellhousesound.com

    BHS on Twitter : Barrell House Twitter

    BHS on Facebook : Barrell House Facebook

    Barrell House Sound Vimeo Channel

    Barrell House Sound Youtube Channel

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