Barrell House Sound
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Barrell House Sound

East Vancouver's Chapel of Supernal Sound

All Ages Welcome! (clients from 6 - 84, so far)
For bands of any stripe or songwriters of any ilk.
CD Releases in all styles.
Dynamite Digital Demos.
Voice-over demos.
No Project is too small or too large. website update coming soon in 2015....

Clients include:
AK-747s, Beer Supply, Steve Makaj, Hambone Wilson, Chris Francis,
Jordan Thipthorpe, Arsen Shomakhov, Zing Zangs, Say Something, Carrie Mac,
Bob Rylett, Robert Adam Drake, Klez Kalyptakiah, JP Winslow, Sister DJ, Johnny Tornado,
BusHucker, Madelyn Read, Savannah Read, Jessie Sparks, Steven Koenig, Earl Travis Taylor,
Hi-Rise Dex and the Stellar Jays, Doug Louie, Jess Platt, Nick Knabisco, Lolo Bianco, THOR,
Kouma Band, James Burns, the Cut Losses, Robert Kirkham, Rocker Panels, ZZ Kale,
Julie De La Pena, Swollen Globe, Steve Heron, Arne Lund, Science Dad, Mase, Rune,
The Concord Creek Band, Betty Munsie, Scratch Records, DOA, Johnny Hatch,
Pat Axe Band, Michael Austin, James Shipton, Andrea Kohl, Sid Johnson, Rich Sawyer,
Ghost Town Drive, Jeff Whitfield, the Saturday Night Show, Trevor Dickinson,
Wayne Morris Band, Steve Jensen, Skookum, Sara Zare, Aida Milani, Benjamin Kearney, Gail Ludwig,
the Penguins, Zoe Way, Hull Street Quartet, Regina Scene Report, Chester Pollon, Jim Craig,
Jeff Morrison, Michael Lai, Velocity, Bethany Joy Hill, Sound City Lights, Tjader Dyck,
Locos, Rhythm Street, Achalay, Kevin Cozmick, Online, Joni Miller, Rachel Sutton, Jacqui Brown,
Mikiko Shelly, Zade, Stonehead, Alison and the Razors, Landslider, Jan Cabalu, Robert Bertrand,
Vic Kapur, Debra Preston, the Walls, Rosie Zou, the Worst, the Technicians, Nic Farrell, Konner Whitney,
Sue & Bob's Slow-Pitch Jam, the New Normal, Hauke Andresen, Participant, Ray Cushing, Valerie McLeod,
Phoenix Wisebone, Brad Ryan, the Unknown Soldiers, Alphonse Leong, Grant Miller, Francois Blaison,
Brian Joule, Kaz Piech, Jack Tanner, Alex Jigiray, Madison Harris, Dale Rasmussen, Francesca Drake,
Scott Reece, Shadow Boys, Mask, Peter Rewers, Cats and Dogs, Dustin Keillor, Bacon, Doug Smith,
Rich Rabnett, Alleged, Evan Lea & Paul Trudel, Dustin Rilcof, Paul Coulter-Brown, the Thongs,
Belle Bete, Alexina Davis, Jinyin Liu, Consumers Delight, Staromestska, Fits of Glory, Legacy,
Blockknocker Productions,, Cyrus Gole, Hideous Light, Hycoprits, Brad Butler,
Tim Foley, Dead File Room, Curt & Doug's Excellent Adventures, Rob Embling, Flashback, Blue Lasso,
Van Porter, Venom, Robosexuals, the Elos, Al Nash, Seymmone O'jhaes, True Theories, Banzai Rebels,
Filthy International Blindfold, the Niche, Gypsy Byrd, Dollarhyde, Craig Bowlsby, Michael Cox,
Sean Muldoon, the Metalunas, Jim Reynolds, Gen Vincent, Portrait of a Lady, Cheap Suit Big Tie,
Michael Clark, Teflon, All Tribes Mission, Vince Houle, Dharmakasa, James Thomas, Feso, Cow,, Time Invader, Adam Gordon, the Medicinals, Engine of the Future, Ryan Murphy,
Big Mental Note, Dustbowl Descendants, Imagene, Hoagie, Mick Hoffman, Fizz Films, Afterthought,
Don Siemens, Sons of Josef, Nick's Dilemma, Harvey Belliveau, Andrew Kim, Claire Arthur,
Sky, Gary Cramer and the Works, Davy James, Peter Volbek, Bryan Gillan,
The Strangest Days, Kirk Folkes, Nick Fredin, Rick's Arm, Tim Donovan,
Jason Bouchard, Farris Popat, Jakie Christie, Dragonfly, Densabi,
Darren Lee, Heineken Project, Sky Wyatt, Charlotte Thistle,
the Kenny Rogers Experience, Dirty & the Derelicts,
Cherelle Jardine, West Creek Orchestra, Karma Wash.

Call the intimate recording studio in Vancouver, Canada.
Engineer/ Producer - Scott Woolard


Barrell House Youtube Channel

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